Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Night of the Demons (Remake)

Year: 2009
Director: Adam Gierasch
Writer: Jace Anderson, Adam Gierasch
Genre: Horror

It might be a bad idea for me to share my thoughts on Night of the Demons because I really didn't enjoy the original. I know it has a bit of a following though, and I'll admit, it did some creative things with interesting characters. Still, I didn't enjoy it much and the same holds true for this more recent version.

Honestly, the first thing I thought of when watching was Hellraiser: Hellworld. If you've never seen that film you should continue to never see it. For those that have watched it though it probably doesn't need to be said that nothing should ever be bad enough to remind you of it. Thankfully, after the introduction the film crept away from memories of Hellworld and I felt immediately better. Still didn't like the film though.

There were some positive points in the movie for me. I really liked how they managed to keep in a famous scene with a breast but also inject a bit more into it. The changes brought into the film do make it a bit better than the original. That's just my thought on the matter though as many will probably find that a near-sacrilegious statement.

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