Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lady in White

Year: 1988
Director: Frank LaLoggia
Writer: Frank LaLoggia
Genre: Horror: Mystery

I came into Lady in White with little to no expectations and was pretty blown away. This means that I definitely recommend it. Either way, let's talk a little about what makes the film tick. It starts us off with a young boy in school who is hassled by a handful of bullies, as well as his brother. His life seems ultimately regular though. That is until the bullies lock him up in a school storeroom late at night where he is witness to a creepy fellow sifting around in there.

Then, the story branches out into separate but overlapping tales. There is the regular life of the boy that is changed due to that event. Then there is the repercussions of that event that get someone else wrapped up in a great deal of trouble. Then there is a ghost story happening too. Despite these very different tales all happening at the same time it never gets confusing and they are woven into one narrative quite skillfully.

The ghost story feels almost kiddish in many ways, but maybe that's due to the fact that children are the ones exploring it. If you get beyond that though it's obvious this isn't the kind of film you want to tuck your kids away with at night. It features a whole lot of more serious commentary. There is the cruelness of racism as well as some other seedy parts of humanity on display.

Overally Lady in White is a cinematic treat. I would recommend it to any moviegoer, not just horror fans. As it stands, the horror content is pretty soft anyway so that's not the focus. The focus is more mysterious and dramatic.

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