Monday, February 6, 2012

The House on Sorority Row

Year: 1983
Director: Mark Rosman
Writer: Mark Rosman, Bobby Fine
Genre: Horror: Thriller

Here's another one of those movies that has such a generic name you don't know what to expect. Or, you expect it to be nothing much at all. As it turns out The House on Sorority Row is actually a pretty special film.

It's certainly not the best movie that's ever come around but it certainly tries to be more than just your typical slasher or horror-mystery. That's the reason why I found it so enjoyable. You've got a group of sorority girls and their sorority mom or whoever is rather strict and old. After completely humiliating one of the girls, the humiliated girl seeks revenge. She attempts to pull a big stunt with a gun loaded with blanks, but things get a little out of hand...

From there, things start to get crazy. It's a rather slow burn from when things initially get out of hand for other events to occur. It may be because of this that the movie is able to draw you in so well. It lures you in with a bang of a start and then leaves you wondering what the resolution will be and if the sorority sisters will face repercussions for their actions.

You may feel like you know what is going to happen in the film but you may very well be wrong. The climax certainly caught me by surprise, anyway. The movie is good at leading you astray with red herring clues. Beyond that, it also has an exceptional soundtrack.

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