Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hulu Plus

So I've been quiet on this blog lately. Well, for one my internet was sporadic earlier in the week but aside from that I've not been compelled to watch anything. It looks like that is going to change at least for this next week though! Why? Well, because Hulu Plus is having a free week of use for Xbox 360 users.

I'm sure the point of the free trial is to get people hooked. So far, the interface doesn't quite work. For example, I can add things to my queue but it seems to be random if they will actually show up there or not. Beyond that, I would be much more interested in Netflix than Hulu (as I prefer films to shows). However, Hulu does have some films. In fact, they have a fair amount of Troma productions as well as things in the Criterion Collection. Once I realized that I had to dive into the free trial because that is excellent! The other unfortunate thing is that there are commercial breaks in between the shows and movies, to the best of my knowledge. I'm not sure, but I remember hearing that they even exist in the paid (Plus) version so we'll see. I can deal with that as long as they're not as often or long as regular TV ads.

So, expect to see me blabbering on about at least a couple of the movies I watch thanks to Hulu Plus. There's a great deal of stuff in the Criterion Collection I just keep avoiding... Can't give an excuse not to watch 'em now though!

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