Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thoughts About Netflix

Netflix is something I've wanted since 2004 or 2005. All these years I have managed (or been unable) to make use of the service but it seems like that will finally change soon. Maybe. I really want Netflix, but do I even need it? I have hundreds of movies currently at my disposal which I have never seen. They just don't feel like anything I "want" to watch. Of course, watching things that I haven't especially been interested in have yielded new favorite films in the past.

There's no need for me to have Netflix but if I did I would make tremendous use of the service. I've been holding a list of movies which I can't obtain elsewhere but are available on  Netflix for a while now. It would be quite easy to simply rent out movies every 2 days or so and turn them back in without having to scrounge for titles for about a year. Presumably throughout the year I would come up with even more movies easily available on Netflix and end up never running out of things to get from them.

Would I have time for any other movies? Probably. Sure there are days when I go without a movie but it's not very hard for me to stuff at least one film into every day. For my first year of college I managed that quite readily even with all the other work going on.

So, I really want Netflix. I want a regular package which allows for DVD shipments. The just streaming plan would be fine if only their entire were available. As it stands, just having some titles available is not nearly enough for me. Something I'm curious about is how often and how much their library expands each month. Is it primarily new releases that flood their doors or do they pick up a few older titles as well?

I just want this damn service in my life. What are some pros and cons of Netflix? I don't happen to know but surely I'll find out once the service is something I make part of my daily life.


  1. Great site! I like that you had the intestinal fortitude to get through the Puppet Master series.

    I know a con of Netflix you should be aware of. If you find something you like that is available on DVD and you really want to see it, get it asap. Movies,whether or not they are rare, tend to become unavailable and I don't know whether it is due to stealing or to licensing issues. For example, I'm looking at my queue and The Dead Zone, a very mainstream Cronenberg adaptation of a Stephen King starring the very famous Christopher Walken, is unavailable indefinitely.

    Also, be sure to save things you find in searches that you want that aren't available because that seems to be a method of voting for Netflix to get things into their inventory. Otherwise, Netflix is the greatest thing since the independent video store.

  2. Thanks for visiting my page! You know, Puppet Master wasn't as horrible as I thought it might be. Apparently there's a 10th film but I'm not sure I'm prepared for Puppet Master on Blu-Ray.

    I appreciate your Netflix hints as well. I've heard about Netflix movies becoming "unavailable" and I've just chalked it up to licensing. I'm doing my best to watch DVDs when they come in, then send them right off again.

    Oh wow, I didn't know about saving search results to increase their likelihood of showing up on the service. I'm going to need to remember some of my first searches and save them!

  3. Yeah, you can save an unavailable movie if it shows up in search with a green "save" option.


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