Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hello out there on the internet!

This is far from my first foray into blogging, but one of two for my more recent endeavors. If you're here, it's probably due to first discovering The Game Dungeon. Video games are my number one obsession, but movies also take up a very special place in my life. Horror movies in particular are really special to me.

I intend to use this blog for thoughts about movie news, movies I watch, and whatever else film related pops up. Mostly it will be a place to share my ideas of movies that I just watched. Many of the entries will probably be horror films because that's my favorite genre. Action movies will be very few and far between, as that is my least favorite genre.

I'll really watch anything if it seems to have something of value about it. Most of the movies I watch (aside from things deemed "classics") have from 2-5 stars on IMDB. There have only been two occasions where I actually couldn't sit through a movie - I can't even remember their names. Aside from that, even movies that get 1 or 2 stars on IMDB are usually wholly watchable, if devoid of worth.

So there is a basic little thing about my movie tastes and this blog. I probably will start off with posts about some of my favorite movies. See you again shortly!

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