Sunday, August 14, 2011

Updates and Such

I've been pretty silent on here as of late, as well as my other blog. I've been busy with life as well as not finding myself entirely too compelled to watch much. It seems weird that after a few years of being really, really excited to watch movies quite often that I've suddenly felt the need for a break. I suppose that's what has to happen at least occasionally. That, paired with really exciting life circumstances have made me want to focus on those as opposed to sitting on a couch letting my eyes glaze over.

Either way, just today I found a really cool blog called The Oscar Completist. This person is in the process of watching every Oscar nominee and so far appears to have done a bang up job with it. He also makes sure to watch a film a day similarly to Horror Movie a Day, except, I guess not focused on horror. Seriously though, finding that blog reminded me how I wanted to watch every Oscar nominee as well. It reminded me how much I love films and how much I still need to see.

Every year around Halloween I have horror movie month to the extreme where I watch more and more films. Last October I watched 60 at least. I always feel like there are no more good horror films to watch when I'm done with those months, but there is always more. Seeing people that are able to watch movies daily and always find something new and good encourages me to press on. There is so much out there in the horror genre (and others) that are waiting to be unearthed.

So, basically I'm saying that I was feeling a little down about movies lately but am now ready to press on once more.

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