Tuesday, August 23, 2011

iDig Your Blog Award

iDig Your Blog Award Protocol: 

1) Gratefully accept this award.
2) Link to the person you are receiving it from. 
3) Post 3 interesting facts about yourself.
4) Pass this around to at least 5 blogs you dig.
5) Notify them. 

The award rules: 

1. Here I am... gratefully accepting! I'm glad that anyone reads this thing, haha. 

2. Thanks a ton Zena -  the Real Queen of Horror!

3. Aside from movies I have a near-obsessive love for video games. Although most people will never know it, my constantly-expanding game collection consists of over 1,700 separate titles slowly taking over my media room. That may be for the best though as I don't want everyone using me like a rental service :P.  

The first horror movies I ever watched all the way through were The Birds, The Shining, and Zombi 2. I put them all together because I basically saw one and then immediately went and watched more. After these initial tastes of classic and zombie filmmaking I went weekly to Blockbuster after school to grab more movies from the horror section. Those were the days...

Sometimes I think I would like to move to a random state in the US since almost every state is cheaper than California. But then I stop and think about how much I love it here that it wouldn't really do any favors to my mood to leave here. Time to become rich and famous!

4. There are some really awesome film blogs on the web. These are a sampling of my favorites:
  • House of Self-Indulgence - Excellent, excellent blog. Tons of strange, bad, and/or weird/campy movies are put on display here. 
  • In It for the Kills: Horror Perspectives - Horrrrrror! I really enjoy reading through the posts and sometimes there are neat lists put up.
  • Soiled Sinema - This page has SO MANY reviews all on films which are on the outskirts of the medium. Check out this blog and you'll be stuck there for hours. 
  • Twisted Flicks - "Exploring the seedy underbelly of world cinema" indeed! Come here if you want to gain knowledge of foreign films you might have never heard of before. 
  • Wtf-Film - The name of this blog should tip you off to what it's about. If you're in need of a quick dose of "wtf" then this is your place. 


  1. That's awesome that you have a video game collection! You should put some reviews on on that or show off your fantastical collection! ^_^


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