Thursday, June 16, 2011

By the Way... I Have Netflix Now

After lusting after Netflix for years and years I finally have it. Well, currently I just started up the one month trial but I intend to stick with it after that. I kind of wish I could get two DVDs out at a time at the base price, but one isn't so bad. Considering how there are a great deal of streaming titles, I think that makes up for it.

I'm really hoping that Netflix will help get me back into peak movie-watching form. What is "peak movie-watching form" to me? Well, a few years ago I tried to watch a movie every day. Either that, or watch 7 movies a week somehow even if that meant doubling up on one day to fix it. While I'm much more able to watch a couple movies a day than I used to be, I still go through movie droughts. Hopefully having Netflix will keep that drought from coming again. There's just so much to watch!

While I know this blog doesn't get much readership that's not what matters anyway. The main point of this site is for me to remember what I've watched and when I watched it (for new films anyway). In the future any movies I watch thanks to Netflix will get the "Netflix" tag. I'm also considering adding numerical ratings to my posts... However, I generally hate them. Possibly I will go with the Netflix style of rating, where things are marked: loved, liked, didn't like, hated. I think that makes the most sense.

I've heard that Netflix may put you as lower priority to get movies on your queue if you are a constant Netflix user. That makes some degree of sense, but seems unfair to us movie freaks! Well, if it happens I'll just watch even more streaming movies. I am determined to make the most use of this service ever.

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