Friday, March 23, 2012


Year: 1982
Director: Joe Giannone
Writer: Joe Giannone
Genre: Horror: Slasher

I'm not sure what drew me to Madman but if you haven't seen it yet maybe you should put it on your list. Really, it depends how much of an interest in random serial killer movies you've got.

In the film you're taken to yet another summer camp. For some reason, it seems summer camps really draw in the killers. Anyway, the summer counselors are all having a great time around the campfire telling spooky stories. Someone shares a story about "Madman Marz", who, apparently will stalk everyone down if they shout his name. So of course one of the teens does exactly that.

From here everything progresses rather predictably. One by one the group is picked off by Marz because he was angered by their call. What I found most entertaining about the film is that it is so over the top at times. The acting can become super hammy and it almost feels like a parody of the slasher genre. However, in 1982 I doubt they were thinking "parody" so much as "let's make this really scary". I think the blissful stupidity of the film really works in its favor.

There are some interesting death scenes and a lot of goofy acting. If you're interested in either, but especially the latter, then totally give this movie a watch. If you're more interested in sophisticated slashers though then stay far away.

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