Monday, March 19, 2012

The Burning

Year: 1981
Director: Tony Maylam
Writer: Harvey Weinstein, Tony Maylam
Genre: Horror: Slasher

I've been avoiding watching The Burning for at least a year but probably several. I seem to have this problem a lot when it comes to slashers. I just expect that nothing can top the many great ones I've seen already. Especially if it is an 80s slasher I feel like it's all going to be too samey, as that's when the slasher genre had it's biggest popularity. Despite those reservations I sat down and gave it a watch.

I'm really pleased with The Burning. Perhaps it was due to my low expectations but it was a pretty fantastic little trip. Sure, it takes place in a summer camp like many others, but it works out better. The camp counselors are a pretty realistic bunch of people and all young at that. There's a fair bit of playing between them, but not loads of unnecessary sexual encounters.

The tale of the murderer is pretty interesting too. I don't often like modern films which try to inject reason into the killer, but it worked out well here. The characters were enjoyable and it was very interesting wondering if perhaps some of them were in on the joke. Although we know who the murder is from the start pretty much it's nice that the film still left things up in the air at times. I liked not knowing when someone would be caught next.

Also, I can't help but feel like the murderer's choice of weapon of large gardening shears inspired the creators of the Clock Tower games. In that game, it is a giant pair of scissors which is used to kill people. "Giant scissors" are pretty goofy and I'm not sure I've ever seen real giant ones, just play scissors. It makes more sense that it may have been a play off The Burning's shears.

This is a lovely little film and I suggest all slasher buffs check it out. I know not all of us have seen it since I'd been holding out on it for years. Surely at least one other person has missed out too.

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