Friday, September 2, 2011

Child's Play 3

Year: 1991
Director: Jack Bender
Writer: Don Mancini
Genre: Horror: Evil doll

Child's Play 3 is a pretty fun movie. I didn't expect by the 3rd time around that there would still be much left for Chucky to do, but there was! The movie is meant to take place 8 years after the events of the last. By this time, Andy has just been sent off to military school due to a screwed up life (thank you Chucky).

Somehow our favorite doll has come back yet again and still urges to find him. However, he ends up just wanting to kill the kid at this point. During this film things took on a more Hollywood action movie flair. Most moments of tension that used to exist are long gone. By now we are all familiar with Chucky and his antics... but not enough so that he's worn out his welcome just yet.

I'm curious what happens between this and the later films. I know at some point a woman gets pregnant by Chucky but I can't even begin to guess how that works out. Either way, it seems like everything devolves into a full-on comedy with murderous tendencies.

Child's Play 1 to 3 are pretty nice though as they are. If you've only got time for one then just watch the first, but there's something fun enough about each to watch them all.

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  1. This was an entertaining watch but I think it was my least favorite and I have no idea why. I just remember never really caring for that much. Great review!


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