Thursday, July 28, 2011

Film Geek

Year: 2005
Director: James Westby
Writer: James Westby
Genre: Comedy

Film Geek is a devise movie. If you're a film geek you might think this is a great watch. I think that only people who consider themselves such should attempt to watch the movie. However, it might disgust and turn off film fans because it may hit a little too close to home. Or it may just serve as a hilarious example of the worst of film fans. I don't know, but I enjoyed it.

The film centers around a huge film fan. He's good-hearted and runs his own movie blog (which has zero hits). He works at a rental store and loves attempting to recommend films to everyone who comes in. The only problem is that he's completely blind to the fact he's viewed by everyone as annoying. He is not well versed in the ways of social life. He'll just blabber on and on about films to anyone who is in his vicinity. Films are his life - he has no other interests.

The movie feels older than 2005 but maybe that's due to almost every movie in the film being on VHS. It's definitely a blast from the past to see aisles packed with the wonderful boxes. It made me a little sad that the character's social ineptitude kept me from liking him more. However, I still rooted for him through a good portion of the film.

For anyone who considers themselves a big movie fan they might as well check it out. It also serves as a good warning to not act like this guy.

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  1. I heard of this movie but I wasn't too sure what kind of movie it was or which direction is was going...not that I need to know that every time. But it looks as if it'll teach me how NOT to act, so I might get it a watch. :P


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