Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fat Head

Year: 2009
Director: Tom Naughton
Writer: Tom Naughton
Genre: Documentary

I've got to tell you something. Nutrition, exercise, and all that kinda stuff is a big interest of mine. Possibly because of that, I've watched Super Size Me at least 5 times since it was released. It was a pretty interesting movie and when it came out I was knee deep in learning about the horrible truths behind our mass produced food culture.

It's maybe because of this that I was so shocked by Fat Head. It's basically a RE: Super Size Me where the attempt is to completely debunk what was said in it. Talking about the fact that grains and the like are not actually that amazing for you in high quantities, saturated fat being necessary in more than "low fat" degrees, and that sort of thing. Almost everything said in the film went against my old notions about nutrtion and what is honestly healthy for us.

I can't say whether or not I fully believe what was said, because it's such a stark difference from what I've always been told. And yet, it was all presented in such a convincing fashion I was rivited and soaked it up. There were many books mentioned through the course of the film and I now have the urge to read them. I want to see if the way I've been handling diet (regular food diet not weight loss diet) is completely wrong. If it is, I'll be angry at the world who has hammered it in that these foods, supplements, and nutrients are good for me.

The documentary is pretty humorous and presents facts in a very easy to digest fashion, even if they are "strange" claims. The proof presented in the film is also shown with hard results and numbers as opposed to the psuedoscience from Super Size Me. I'll need to watch it again to start wrapping my mind around what was being said before I can start debunking or believing the claims.

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